Leading positive change through innovative technologies.

About us

We're AssetOwl, we dare to design exciting, futuristic technologies for the property industry. We do that by involving our clients and users in the process from concept to design to development and then through supporting them ongoing. 

Since 2014, AssetOwl has continually innovated space management processes. Our goal has always been to work with our market to develop their dream products.

How do we create?

1. Understand
Strive to understand your day to day tasks, problems & blockers.
2. Design
With this understanding our team designs solutions.
3. Test
Before release we test these solutions in the field.
4. Develop
We develop and deploy the latest technology.

Meet our team

Simon Trevisan
Geoff Baldwin
Adrian Siah
Geoff Goldsmith
Sean Meakin
Company Secretary
Jeremy Laird
Customer Success Manager
Frederick Loo
Senior Designer
Robert Parsons
Senior Developer